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"BOUBA/KIKI'': Sportmax SS23 Runway Show
The manifesto of the Sportmax Spring-Summer 2023 Runway Show Collection explores the sonorous contrast in the words Bouba/Kiki. The shape of sound unfurls the instinctual response to sensorial stimuli by creating a contemporary synesthesia in which different elements find their own balance.

The geometric and organic, the natural and artificial and the ultra-casual and extravagant are the dueling contrasts at constant play. A fashion-driven celebration of an aesthetic style and sensibility based on excess, irony, disruption, subversion of social norms. From A-lines to low waists, from the counterculture looks of the 90s to streetwear details. An alchemical collage which trascends the confines of any logical explanation for a declaration of freedom and an incessant experimentation, resistant to conformism, whilst on a continuous quest for the extreme.

An hypnotic and luminescent energy defined through psychedelic motifs and tactile padding-effect textures. A vivid palette alternates between acid tones, pastels, deep colors, and touches of optical white and pure black are interspersed throughout. The moulded, second-skin boots of the collection dictate an unusual sensuality.
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Sportmax Spring-Summer 2023 Collection